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I’m Jutta, an experienced language teacher who is passionate about teaching French, German and English.

I enjoy working with students from different backgrounds and cultures.

Soon, I assess your special abilities, and problems, and I’m able to handle your personal difficulties in learning a foreign language.

JRW-Languages offers high quality solutions with ‘one to one’ videoconferences.

Selecting the best way forward I advise each potential student the best path for him. Once we begin to provide training, as well as recommending books and access to digital material, I constantly adjust my lessons to your needs and interests.

You can choose private courses or use your public funding training account with JRW-Languages.

This account is named CPF, standing for Compte Personnel de Formation. This is available to everyone who has been employed in France.

Please find my rates here:

Net prices exempted from VAT               Updated May 05th 2024

How far can you get? What do levels A1 to C2 mean?

Link to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language.

40 hours are usually recommended to progress from one level (A1, A2, B1…) to the next.


Request a quote when you just need a few hours of training for a specific event like an interview

Contact me to talk about your project!

Thank you for visiting my website, hope to see you soon!